Uncle Jacks Ocean Grove

1888, following the subdivision of Ocean Grove land, Martin Guille became the first owner of Lot 155 on the corner of The Terrace and Hodgson Street – the location of the Ocean Grove ‘Corner Store’.

1950 saw the arrival of Jack and Evelyn Skinner to Ocean Grove. When they purchased the General Store, there were only two other shops in The Terrace and the permanent population was only about 160.

2015 Uncle Jack’s was opened by friends Ben O’Halloran, Sam Evans and Adrien Augert. The boys have aimed to keep as much of the historic building as possible and this can be seen in the original fireplace, cellar and staircase as well as the iconic weatherboard exterior.

Uncle Jack’s is a place where all are welcome for a meal, a relaxing drink or a coffee. It is a place you can enjoy with your friends, your family, your workmates or your Great Uncle Jack.

  • Mon - Thu 7am - 4pm
  • Fri 7am - Late
  • Sat 8am - Late
  • Sun 8am - 4pm
PH: (03) 5256 3735